Psalm 119:105 thoughts…

As my YouTube channel grows I have been thinking I’m going to start having some posts about my love of Jesus!  My aim is to lift people up.  All people.  If seeing my post is all the word you see, then I pray that it will impact you positively.  If you are already my brother or sister in Christ then I hope to give you a lift, get you thinking about the word, or just sharing thoughts with you.

I do hope you enjoy.  If you do not then don’t read it.  I do encourage you to read it though if you are a non-believer.

One more thing before I begin – I will never have ads in these posts.  (Other than what wordpress automatically uses for my free use of the blog page).  This is personal and I am not here to profit from this.  My goal is to change hearts and minds.

So let’s take a look at Psalm 119:105.  Here is a picture below from my Bible.  “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”


First let’s talk about darkness.  In darkness is where the devil hides.  People who are doing wrong are doing it in the dark.  They try and hide their sin from others.  Criminals and thieves work best in the dark, that’s an easy one.  But you drinking at the bar, talking to women who are not your wife on FB or texts, or watching pornography may not think you are doing anything wrong.  Let me ask you this, if you aren’t doing anything wrong then why would you hide it from your spouse or children?  If you are hiding anything from them, then it is darkness and sin.

The Bible is full of references to light and darkness.  Jesus, the word, our light.  These are the light that shines brightly for everyone to see.  Satan, sin, evil.  These are all things that are hidden and done in darkness.

Everything we need to know about life comes from the Bible.  Every lesson you will ever need is there already.  The love of Jesus is a light in my life.  I pray that you find Jesus as well.  A1842E76-5D95-4574-BF02-3910F342BA65

You know that sin is wrong.  You know that your family would be so happy to spend time with you instead of you hiding in your sin.  Sin never makes us happy.  Jesus can set you free.  He can take away all your sin and erase it.  He can help you start again.  Fresh and new in Jesus Christ.

Why not take that step?  Just commit yourself to Him and you will see so much positive change in your life.  Come out of the dark and live in the beautiful light of Jesus.

I pray today that as you read this you feel a nagging or pulling to change your life.  I pray today that you will open your heart and mind and let Jesus in.  I pray that if you are already a believer you will be renewed in Christ and have a burning desire to dive into God’s Word.

No one in this world today is perfect.  Everyone is a sinner and we all need cleansing.  Jesus can provide that for you.

I recommend you purchase a King James Version Bible.  You can read it online for free and that’s wonderful, but having actual paper to read is better.  It’s more personal.  Here is a link – KJV Bible Online

May God find his way into your heart today!







“A Psalm of Dav…

“A Psalm of David. I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will make music”

[Psalm 101:1]

WOW just let that sink in some!  This is where I tell you how wonderful it is to play and sing Gospel music.  There are wonderful OLD songs and wonderful NEW songs to choose from.  Why not uplift everyone listening (even if it’s only you and the dog 🙂 as the audience)?  

Music is that universal language and if you learn some Gospel songs to go along with all the other songs you are learning then you will surely not regret it.  Who wouldn’t want to be cheered up with both music and the hope that Jesus Christ offers?  

Praise God with music.  You never know who is really listening to you.  I know that may sound strange to you.  What I mean is that your words may really reach someone this time.  There may be someone out there at that park, jam session, or listening on the other side of the fence from you in your back yard.  Wherever you may be playing, someone may need uplifting.  They may not even realize it until you play your song.  Haven’t you ever been listening to music and it really touches you and gets you emotional?  This happens and it’s real, so be the vehicle that delivers that message to those in need.  

So give that some thought and please consider adding some Gospel music to your playlist.