Playing the new banjo (CC-OT) and a snow day!

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May God Bless you and give you abundant happiness this year.




Get back on the horse…

And we’re off.  2018 is now upon us all.  So you haven’t played banjo in a long time.  That poor banjo is gathering dust in the closet, stuck on your wall, or heck you can’t really remember where it is exactly.

pull_hair_out Where did I put it?????

If you haven’t played in awhile why not make a fresh start in 2018?  Get back on that horse and let’s play.  I offer lessons in various ways.  I have a YouTube Channel that is full of great videos. I also offer a video lesson pack for sale and an ebook with audio exercises to get you going.  Get those HERE.

To get started again just grab that banjo and dust it off a bit.  Tune it up and watch this.

Take your time.  Take your time.  Take your time.  Yes, I’m asking you to just slow down and enjoy the process.  No matter why you put your banjo down in the first place, it doesn’t really matter.  But there is a reason you own a banjo.  Something made you want to learn to play it.  Maybe you played Scruggs style, maybe this maybe that.  If you haven’t tried this style (clawhammer, frailing, Old-Time), then you haven’t seen how happy this style can make you.  Give it a shot.

Hope to hear from you!  If you like what you see on my YouTube channel, make a comment to say hello.  Be sure to like my FB page too.



Watch the guitar banjo lesson

Playing at a jam session is often a scary and daunting thing to most newer banjo players.  This video will make you a better banjo player!  Here I show you the 3 common guitar chord shapes of G, C, and D.

If you can watch the guitar at a jam you can play along with almost any song.  Learn the most popular chords “shapes” and unknown songs become easy to play.  This technique is used by MANY people.

A guitar (usually many guitars) are always a mainstay at jams or play alongs.  One thing that can happen if you see multiple guitars is one of the guitars will play alternate chords that sound good together.  If you can recognize any of these chords you can play along with the lead or rhythm.

If you need help learning to play the banjo here are my lessons.  You can choose the eBook and audio exercises, or the video lessons pack.  Both have plenty of great material to learn from.  My goal was to provide multiple methods for those who prefer “books” to “videos” and so forth.  The vid lesson pack also has printable/saveable written materials.  Banjo Lemonade Lessons

I’m here for you if you have questions.  I get many questions but will do my very best to answer them all.  Another of my goals is to get as many people playing banjo as possible.  Banjo playing, especially the old-time styles are becoming lost in the world.



Learn to play the banjo now.

Do you want to learn to play the banjo? Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument but have always put it off or been afraid?  Do you love the sound of the banjo?  Would you love to sit around a campfire and play and sing?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then I have something for you.

Here’s a sampling of what you can learn.  Mandy playin’ Cripple Creek

I have an eBook that I am exited about.  I wrote it and it takes you from the very beginning of learning the banjo.  From how to hold it, begin to play it, practice, and learn songs.  There are 5 songs in the book and 32 audio exercises.  I teach you how to read tablature (it’s really easy the way I teach it).  The eBook is loaded with pictures and closeups.  If you’ve been hesitant to learn before, here’s the best part.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  With no questions or strings attached.  If you want your $$ back just ask and I will give it.  I’m happy to say in a couple years of selling this eBook I’ve never once had someone ask for their money back.  If you do though, it’s ok, LOL.


Buy Now – Easy Clawhammer Banjo $14.99

Purchase through PayPal and buy with confidence.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  I will then send you your link to download your eBook within 24 hours of purchase.

Easy Clawhammer Banjo eBook

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Improvisation is important.

Ok so I know most of you are relatively new players and are saying WHAT???  You can’t expect us to improvise when we are just starting out – seriously Mandy!

Yes I can I say, and yes you can.  Improvisation can be done alone pretty easily in fact.  Simply find a recording that you can follow along with (my stuff or anyone else’s slow stuff) or even better – record yourself playing a tune you are familiar with slowly.  Then simply play it back to yourself over and over and over while holding your banjo.  Then pick a string and start trying to play some notes within those chords, start doing some regular chords and adding in embellishments (slides, hammers, pulls, or even the double pull off, drop thumb, double thumb etc).  Play around for a really long time (a whole practice session even with just one or two songs).

You will notice that the first few times you do this it will seem kind of difficult to do.  But as you do it more it will become easier.  You will start being able to hear little pauses or spots where you can add in notes or little additions.  I need to work up a vid on this but it’s kind of hard to do because I’ll just be working with one piece of music and I don’t want you to copy that.  Improvisation by definition is on-the-fly and I want to keep it that way.

Just start out with simple things that you are comfortable with – slides, hammers etc.  If you’ve been practicing some by ear – which you should be doing if you aren’t already -see my earlier post on playing by ear – then you should be able to also get onto one string and just play around with it some.  There are lots of complementary notes, bass runs, and things you can do to embellish a piece of music.

By practicing this you will find that things start opening up and becoming easier for you.  Relationships between notes and chords will start to happen within you and it’s all good.  If you keep doing this on a regular basis (weekly or monthly at least) you will find that you can start doing it more often and it will come to you easier.

So grab that banjo and start trying to improvise today y’all.  If you pay heed to anything I say – please do so here and with the by ear one.  These two things will help you more than anything else in my opinion.  Once you have the basics down, it’s time to expand your methods of learning and playing.


Philippians 4:13

New International Version (NIV)

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.