Bible Reading – The Book of Titus

This reading is from the Authorized King James Bible. I hope it is a blessing to you. Please consider sharing it with someone who may need it.

I have felt called to do these Bible readings this way. Early in 2018, I had the call and God continued to guide me through and now this.

I pray that you will answer whatever God calls you to do in your life.

Glory be to God!


Bible Reading 5 – Psalm 18-21 Proverbs 5

All readings are from the Authorized King James Bible. This is in my Bible readings playlist, as with all my readings.

Psalm 18 -0:35
Psalm 19 – 6:49
Psalm 20 – 8:43
Psalm 21 – 9:46
Proverbs 5 – 11:27