Review of CBP Coat Pocket New Testament

The Church Bible Publishers Coat Pocket New Testament

I do love Bibles!! I may also do a video review of this Bible on my Banjo Lemonade channel.

Ok so first let me say I purchased this Bible myself and am not being given anything for reviewing it. I am not sponsored by anyone.

I wanted a small yet readable size Bible with the NT and Psalms. This fit the bill perfectly and also has Proverbs! First we will talk cost. At the time of writing this, CBP website was out of stock of this particular Bible. So I looked on eBay and was surprised to find that they have an eBay store. And lucky for me, this was in stock there. The cost was $25.00 plus shipping ($3.50). CBP only sells KJV Bibles.

Now let’s get to it! Size matters. This Bible is approximately 7.0” by 4.5”. See photos.

7” long
4.5” wide

The cover is not leather, BUT and I mean BUT, it sure feels like it to me. It is very soft and supple like all their standard Bibles that are leather. It passes the roll and bounce back test also. The cover is also stitched, which is a big plus!

Another size comparison shot.

This little guy is the perfect size! I can fit it in my purse easily as well as the back pocket of my jeans.

I like to have the Word of God with me everywhere, so I have Bibles in multiple rooms of my house, vehicles, and everywhere I go! I also like to gift them if given the opportunity. Honestly I normally gift the cheaper Bibles and will keep this one as a reader. So having this Bible is great for my small travel Bible.

The inside of the Bible is very basic, with a few blank pages for notes at the front and back. There is no table of contents either, only one page stating what it is and who made it, followed by the text. See photo. As you can see, I’ve written in my own table of contents just because I like having it.

Now to the pages, font size, text, and all the juicy stuff! The books of the Bible are not separated on individual pages. Fine by me as this is a small and compact Bible. See photo.

Do notice also that there is very minimal “ghosting” from the other pages. This is a big plus! Obviously, with it being small, there also isn’t room for notes. The font is 9 point, which is absolutely wonderful and quite uncommon for a Bible this size. It’s not a strain on my eyes and I love it.

Another thing to note is that the paper is not bright white. Rather it is what I would call light tan. The font is also not a DARK BOLD. This could be a positive or a negative for you. It definitely helps with the ghosting issues I’ve seen in other CBP Bibles with the bright white pages and DARK BOLD type. This is like my CBP Note Takers Bible as far as the color of the pages and text boldness.

The only negative (and it is very slight) that I find with this Bible is that the cut has taken off the top of the letters of the Book in a few places. This is not a huge deal, but definitely notable since this is what I would call a more expensive Bible. Again it’s only in a few places, but I can see how it may disappoint someone.

The beginning and end have nice thick note pages (like their standard note pages in all their Bibles). See photo.

Nice note pages in the front and back of the Bible.

Another notable feature is that the cover provides a LOT of protection for your pages due to the overhang and YAP.

The pages have the standard gold gilding which makes the Bible look very pleasing also. The spine is printed Gold lettering on top of the cover and will most likely rub off with time and use.

Overall this little Bible packs a punch with features! I will be using this a lot and may update this as the Bible wears and is used more. I am always satisfied with purchases I make through CBP and this is no different.

Be Blessed!

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