I’ve joined Patreon!


Become a Patron!

Ok if you are like me you are going what is that?  Patreon is a place where creators like me can add more cool stuff for you to see and interact with me.  You in turn pledge $1.00 or more per month to me to support my endeavors.  Think of it as a Tip Jar.  There is no pressure or anything and I would never expect you to do anything.  This is just for those who have reached out to me expressing a desire to give some appreciation for what I’m doing.

You are at a festival or bar even and there’s a musician playing.  He or she has a Tip Jar full of bills.  They are playing and entertaining everyone and their only pay is whatever is dropped into the Tip Jar.

So if you have learned something from me and want to continue to tip me and be a part of upcoming videos, and basically anything I’m doing, then head on over to Patreon and join up.  I offer rewards to all levels of patronage.

Can’t hurt to take a look and see what it’s all about.  Prior to last night when a subscriber on Youtube suggested I join up and add content there I didn’t know what it was or what it was about.  I had heard it but just had no clue how cool it can really be for me and for you.

So head on over to Banjo Lemonade Patreon Page and see what all the fuss is about.

Some of you like to read my post and some enjoy my videos also.  I will be posting a video later today detailing what I’ve said here.


I thank God every day for another day here.  I’ve had some close calls and yeah even my darkest days I am praising my Lord!  Hallelujah