Playing the new banjo (CC-OT) and a snow day!

If you would like to learn to play clawhammer banjo visit – Banjo Lemonade lessons

I am also a Gold Tone banjo dealer and can get you their full line of products.

May God Bless you and give you abundant happiness this year.




2 thoughts on “Playing the new banjo (CC-OT) and a snow day!

  1. Mandy, loved the video. Have you had a chance to play the Gold Tone Plucky or the CC-Mini? I had no idea that travel banjos existed. I am currently in the market for a travel guitar (since I thought a banjo was out of the question) because I commute 2 hours a day (round trip) to work and I hate to waste the time because sometimes when I get home and get dinner on the table and laundry started its then time to go to bed!
    I had read good and bad reviews on the plucky, people either love it or dislike it (usually due to intonation/tuning issues). I like the weight factor. The prices are kind of all over the place for both the Plucky and Mini but I am thinking the Plucky is cheaper? I believe the total lengths are 25″ vs 28″

    • Hey Christine, I’m sorry but I haven’t played any of the travel banjos. No experience in that area. When I used to have to wait for my daughter in the car line in kindergarten (lived in the city and the wait was 1 hour morning and afternoon) I just played my mandolin or my tinwhistle. I definitely think it would be a compromise in tone, with the mini guitar too. I can get you a quote if you are interested. Sorry I can’t be of more help to you.

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