2018 is here, what’s your plan?


The new year is upon us.  Do you have any goals?  I think you should.  If you don’t then you are working towards what exactly?  Why not set some goals and aim for them?  Can’t hurt and shouldn’t be too painless.  So here are my goals for 2018.

  • Banjo playing – I want to practice a lot in 2018.  4 days a week is my goal.  2017 was a bust for me in this area.  So much was happening with the move (twice), my medical situation, and more.  I’m counting playing as anytime I play (even if it’s in front of people).  Anyway 4 days/week.
  • Recording/Uploading vids – 1/week
  • Blogging/writing – 1/week
  • Health – same as most here, lose weight.  But more than that I want to actively work to improve my health.  Most of y’all know I had a positive cancer test when my appendix was removed.  So this one will encompass a LOT of stuff.
  • Farm/garden – we moved in Sept. 17.  We have 3 acres and there are some gardens already in place.  We will be expanding that in 2018 by adding chickens, more growing beds, and more fruit bearing trees/bushes/vines.
  • Homeschool – this is my first year and I’m doing ok so far.  I want to improve and one huge thing for my daughter will be chickens.  They will be a project she and I will solely handle.  She will learn so much (as will I) and I can’t wait to experience this with her.

Would you like to learn to play the banjo? Check out my lessons HERE

  • Bible Knowledge – I have been reading the Bible several times a week for several years now but I am still barely treading water.  This year I am diggin deeper!  I have my Bible Reading Plan ready.  Here it is if you are interested 2018 Bible Reading Plan.  We haven’t found a church home yet and hope to do that this coming year as well.  My faith has grown in leaps and bounds over the past several years and I praise God for that, but I have so much farther to go.
  • Finances – But Mandy you just quit working???  Yeah I know but we also downsized almost every single thing in our lives.  We are working hard to use our money wisely.  I’m cooking at home a TON, I’m shopping sales only, selling more extra things we have, and using a debt snowball (it really works).  So the goal here is to sell our camper (getting rid of another payment), refinance student loans (because I am drowning there and only paying interest), and pay down everything.  What we have left is student loans, camper, 1 vehicle, mortgage, and medical bills.  We have zero credit debt.  By the end of 2018 our goal is to have the camper gone, refinance student loans, and knock off a good chunk of the principal on our vehicle.  I already do bi-monthly mortgage payments (which automatically knock 5 years off your payments).

So there you go.  I hope this inspires you to set some goals and write them down somewhere.  I will come back the end of 2018 and see how we did! (May even make a post about it).





5 thoughts on “2018 is here, what’s your plan?

  1. Your list is so similar to mine! Due to major health problems I quit working, moved my young children to the country and we home schooled. Check out Dave Ramsey if you want great savings inspiration.
    Please keep us posted on your chicken adventures! I live in Indiana and I want ducks (for eggs) but I am so worried about the super cold winters here and keeping the ducks warm!

    • Hey Chris, Yes I am very familiar with DR. We’ve used his methods quite a bit and they really work. I will definitely keep the blog up to date with all our crazy adventures. My husband wants at least 2 ducks to have around also. We will start with chickens though and see how that goes. We are quite rural so there are lots of predators here too. We have a pair of great horned owls living here that would love chickens! Not to mention all the other critters out here. Thanks for writing!
      I haven’t been on here for DAYS! We all came down with what I’m guessing is the flu due to it’s severity. We’ve all been sick since the day after Christmas. Just now getting around to laundry and I’m completely exhausted. Happy New Year!

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