No More Rosewood, oh my…

In case you didn’t know, 300 types of rosewood (and some other wood) has recently become very regulated.  If you would like to read more 2017 Regulations

What does this mean Mandy?  This means that any new instrument you purchase will not be made of rosewood (or these other woods).  Does it mean that my rosewood instrument that I already have is illegal, oh no??  No it does not.  It just means that you cannot take that instrument out of your country.

Why are you telling me this Mandy? Well, I’m telling you because any new instrument you purchase through me (as a dealer for Gold Tone and it’s partners) will not have a rosewood fretboard.

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This leads me to happily say I’m getting a NEW BANJO!!!  YIPPIE, that’s always a good thing am I right?  Do the happy dance –


I’m getting a new banjo so that I can show you the new wood used in Gold Tone fretboards and review it for you, wink wink!

The new wood used will be Australian or New Zealand Blackwood.  Here are some interesting facts about this Australian Blackwood

Gold Tone will be getting the banjo I’m purchasing back in stock in early January.  I’ll have a full review once I get it and I’ll be playing it a LOT (reasons why will be in another post).

I feel weird not putting a photo into my blog post so here is a random photo for your viewing pleasure.  This is a coat rack my husband made for us out of CEDAR.  I am talking about wood so yeah.  We got the board from a man who sells them at the flea market, and some nice cast iron hooks from another vendor there.  Hubby sanded the board and installed the hooks and there we go.





7 thoughts on “No More Rosewood, oh my…

  1. Cant wait to hear why you will be practicing your new banjo a Lot! Can you show us some pictures of your new house? I am inspired by your downsizing stores and would love a smaller home. The first thing I thought was “how do you organize the instruments?” Crazy right? But its the truth and what holds me back from downsizing and pursuing that simple life I keep dreaming about…

  2. Thank you for the pic on FB. I LOVE your little home and the location is my idea of heaven on earth. I keep purging our stuff to condense for when we downsize and it feels so great, except I cannot part with the instruments and want things to be organized. I am anxious to see/hear your new banjo. I just have one I purchased for $90 brand new at Guitar Center. I was debating on an open back Good Time or a Gold Tone but want to see your new one first….

    • You won’t believe the banjo I chose to buy! Seriously it’s my favorite and it will surprise you I’m sure. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone though. LOL. You can do whatever you put your mind to doing. My husband and I make up our minds about something, and we do it. We take risks, sometimes they pay off and sometimes not. But the fun is in the adventure. 🙂

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